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“The sacrosanct silence of the fort, attained only by crossing water, bound the audience with an embodied knowledge that resonated with that of the dancers.”
– Temporary Art Review reviews S P E C T A C U L A R B L A C K D E A T H

“A Long Wait for Justice”
-The Chart reviews S P E C T A C U L A R B L A C K D E A T H

“You can’t push it away. You can’t go under. You have to be in it.”
– The Chart interviews Anna-Wolfe Pauly and Erin Colleen Johnson about Future Weather, the first event in A Long Wait

“[Fort Gorges] remains this place that is both close to us and, at the same time, very far away.”
– MaineToday profiles A Long Wait

“Bowdoin’s Erin Johnson Curates Performance Series at Fort Gorges in Casco Bay”
– Bowdoin College profiles A Long Wait