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Anna Wolfe-Pauly – 7.9.16

Future Weather

Anna Wolfe-Pauly led participants through a training program on how to survive future weather. Addressing our current state of living on the edges, the exercises taught us how to spend more time with the affordances of water, air, and the horizon in their ambiguous state and sense of time. Individually and together participants floated, windsocked, and traveled the horizon.

About Anna Wolfe-Pauly:

Anna Wolfe-Pauly develops embodied thinking practices. She attends to natural materials as sites of performance. By using an interface of media, she positions herself and others at various levels of proximity to the invisible. In her most recent project, Windsocking, she explores the relationship between wind patterns and human bodies through garments that allows the physicality of both bodies to emerge. Anna has received a New Artist Scholarship to pursue her Masters in Visual and Critical Studies at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work has been shown at UC Berkeley, Mills College Littlefield Concert Hall, and Harvard University.